Malaysia National Cricket Team

Country Malaysia Malaysia
City Malaysia
Founded 1967

The Malaysia National Cricket Team

The Malaysia National Cricket Team is the team which represents the Malaysia country in International Cricket matches. An associate member of the International Cricket Council, the Malaysia team was founded in 1967.


The oldest club in Malaysia is the Royal Selangor Club which was founded by a group of British planters in 1884. This club has ever since been a venue for all significant games in Malaysia which includes one occasion in 1927. In this incident, Malaysia team beat Australia by only 39 runs. By 1967, Malaysia team gained associate membership of the ICC and played their first ICC Trophy too in 1979. Since then, this team has appeared in every ICC Trophy. But in 2005, they were not qualified to play.

In Malaysia, cricket sport has been played since 1880s. There have been many teams who have represented Malaysia like the Federated Malay States and the Straits Settlements. However, the first team to have represented Malaysia after its membership was in 1970. During this period, they played an MCC side which was captained by Tony Lewis in a two day match. However, this team lost by 230 runs. In the same year, this team played their first Saudara Cup match against the Singapore team in a three day match.

The Saudara Cup match was held in an annual basis and by 1979 the Malaysia team participated in their first ICC Trophy match. However, they again failed to progress further than the first round itself. This performance was repeated by this team in 1982 and in 1986. In 1990 and in 1994, this team however reached the plate competition.


In 1997 tournament, Malaysia hosted the match and finished in 16th position. Malaysia, it is believed, is the only country to feature cricket as part of the Commonwealth Games. For instance, 1998 it had various sports, of which cricket was one such tournament too. But, the tournament was not a success one, as many nations didn’t send their entire team and England didn’t even send their team, which was a disappointment for the Malaysia Cricket Council.

Team Roster

Name Role
Syed Aziz Malaysia all-rounder
Ainool Hafizs Malaysia all-rounder
Mohamed Arief Malaysia batsman
Anwar Arudin Malaysia batsman
Ahmad Faiz Malaysia batsman
Abdul Rashid Ahad Malaysia bowler
Muhammad Amir Malaysia bowler
Khizar Hayat Malaysia bowler
Syazrul Idrus Malaysia bowler
Ainool Haqqiem Malaysia wicket-keeper

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