The International Cricket Council granted the Hong Kong Cricket Team its membership in 1969, though it is known to have played its first matches long before that, in 1866 to be precise. Hong Kong has actively taken part in every ICC Trophy tournament ever since 1982, when it took part for the first time. The Hong Kong Cricket Team had played its first One Day at the 2004 Asia Cup.

The Hong Kong Cricket Club found its roots in the year 1951. The Club played its early matches against Chinese Mainland and Sri Lanka, which was then known as Ceylon. The Club participated in its first match in 1866 against Shanghai.

Country China China
City Hong Kong
Founded 1866

The team played several matches as an MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) team from 1966 onwards, 1966 being the year it joined the MCC. The Hong Kong team played several ICC Trophy Tournaments, but was nor successful in making its mark beyond the first round. They barely managed to make it to the second round in the tournament held in 1994, but not beyond that. The ACC Trophy held in 1996 saw the team struggle its way to get beyond the contenders Bangladesh and Fiji, but could not succeed in getting past the first round.

The year 1997 ended at a happy not with the Hong Kong team finishing eighth at the ICC Trophy, their best record for ICC Trophy till date. The team successfully climbed its way to the semi-finals of the ACC Trophy in 1998, but lost to the opposite side, Malaysia.

Progressing further, the Hong Kong team reached the finals at the ACC Trophy held in 2000, thus making them eligible for qualifying for the Asia Cup which was to be held in 2004. The team did get to share the excitement of participating in One-Day International match for the first time in 2004 Asia Cup. But they could not defend themselves against strong contenders, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Slowly but steadily, the Hong Kong Cricket team is trying to gain grounds on the field. The team has had not so many culfilling games in the recent past but it is slowly progressing with complete determination. The team participated in the Division Four of the World Cricket League and won against Tanzania, Italy, Fiji and Jersey thus progressing further towards the final, but could not emerge themselves as winners.

Major achievements

The Hong Kong team was runners up at the Division Four of World Cricket League held in 2008.

The team is the third highest ranked Asian non-test playing nation.

ICC has ranked Hong Kong as the 25th team in the World.