The Rawalpindi Rams are a Pakistan Super League team. This team is based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan in Punjab. Established in 2006, the Pindi Club is its home ground. This multi use stadium in Rawalpindi is used mostly for cricket matches. It holds almost 15,000 people and has hosted its first test match in 1965.

Rawalpindi Rams are known to be one of the many proposed franchises for the Pakistan Super League. The coach of this team is Sabih Azhar. Sahail Tanvir is the captain of the team and the manager of the team is Sheikh Abdul Sattar. The Starters of the team includes Sohail Tanvir, the Captain, Umar Amin, Naved Malik, Awais Zia, Naved Ashraf, Usman Saeed, Jamal Anwar, the Wicket Keeper, Yasir Arafat, Yasim Murtaza, Faisal Iqbal, Mohammad Aamer, Mohammad Rameez, Zahid Mansoor, Usama Sharoon and Fawad Hussain. Its reserves are Rizwan Akbar, Adnan Mufti, Shoaib Nasir, Hamid Riaz and Hammad Azam.

Country Pakistan Pakistan
City Rawalpindi
Founded 2006

During the Royal Bank of Scotland Cup, Rawalpindi Rams played against Hyderabad Hawks in 11th March 2009. The same month, the team dismissed Abbottabad Rhinos with 17 overs and 10 wickets to win the RBS One Day Cricket Championship at UBL Ground. This match was held at Municipal Sports Complex and Rawalpindi Rams won by 178 runs. Further, the team also played with Quetta Rams and won by 203 runs at the National Stadium in Karachi. In another game held in May 27th, 2009, Rawalpindi Rams won against Quetta Bears with 9 wickets at the Lahore City Cricket Association Ground. This match was for the RBS Twenty20, when Naved Malik was declared as the Man of the Match for his remarkable performance at the game.

Major Achievements

Till Date, Rawalpindi Rams has won numerous matches and played against teams like Hyderabad Hawks, Abbottabad Rhinos and Quetta Rams.

Team Roster

Name Role
Sohail Tanvir Pakistan bowler