The Bangladesh national women’s cricket team represents the nation of Bangladesh in women’s cricket matches held internationally. The Bangladesh Cricket Board formed the team in 2007 under the leadership of veteran cricket coach Altaf Hossain. The players were selected on the basis of performance in the country’s first ever National Women’s Cricket Championship held in 2007.

Bangladesh has been relatively backward in women’s cricket mostly due to the lack of interest by organizers and also on account of cultural difficulties. Finally after the team was formed certain religious groups tried to create obstructions but unsuccessfully.

Country Bangladesh Bangladesh
City Bangladesh
Founded 2007

The women’s team made their international debut against Thailand in 2007 and won both matches played with the same side.

The Bangladesh women’s team is also the winner of ACC Women’s Tournament which was held in Malaysia in 2007. They overcame experienced sides like China, Singapore and the UAE to get to the finals.Prominent players: Tajkia Akhter (c), Panna Ghosh.

Major achievements

Winners of ACC Women’s Tournament 2007 and 4th runners up at the Women’s Asia Cup 2008