Assam Cricket team

Country India India
City Assam
Ranji Trophy

In the Assam state in India, cricket is a craze amongst all types of people. In rural areas also, when children learn to walk they hold a cricket bat. This state has almost 25 outdoor stadiums and in these state level matches are played throughout the year. In the past few years, several international matches have been held at the Nehru Stadium in Guwahati.

The Assam Cricket Team has not attained much success in the Ranji Trophy. However, in 2006-07, this team won the plate group and was defeated in the semi-final by Orissa. Cricket has been affected by terrorism in this state, but talented players are attempting to offer their best services to the game. Some of the famous players from Assam Cricket team are as follows –

Syed Zakaria Zuffri is a wicketkeeper who has also represented Railways cricket team. SV Saravanan is a right handed batsman who in 1998-99 debuted in First Class matches. Pritam Das is a right handed batsman. Parag Kumar Das plays the dual role of a right handed batsman and a right arm medium pace bowler. Chandan Rawat is a right handed batsman. Shubhadeep Ghosh, who has also played for Railway cricket team, bats right handedly. Parvez Aziz is a left handed batsman. Javed Zaman bats right handedly and he has played for East Zone cricket team as well as Railways cricket team. Gautam Datta is a left handed batsman. Arnald Konwar, who is a right handed batsman, has recently left the ICL.

Team Roster

Name Role
Jamaluddin Syed Mohammad India all-rounder
Dheeraj Jadhav India batsman
Sridharan Sriram India batsman
Abu Nechim India bowler
Arun Karthik India wicket-keeper

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