With a world record of having taken 355 wicket keeping dismissals from 96 tests, Rodney William Marsh is a former wicket keeper for the Australia team. Dennis Lillee and Marsh were a striking team as bowler-wicket keeper and together they have made history remember them forever. These two made their debut together and also followed retirement together.

Earlier on in his career, Marsh was noted and selected for his battling skills. But he was able to make his mark as one of the finest keepers in the history of cricket. Marsh along with his brother Graham played for Western Australia at schoolboy level. Growing up, Marsh made his wicket keeping debut as part of Western Australia team in 1968-69 season against West Indies.

Amazingly enough, Marsh earned his place in the 1970-71 Ashes series owing to his batting abilities. Marsh was dubbed “Iron Gloves” as a result of dropping several catches during his struggling first few years. Marsh proved himself an invaluable batsman by equaling up with Don Tallon for the record of highest scores by an Australian keeper.

Role Wicket Keeper
Born 4 Nov 1947
Nationality Australia Australia
Nickname Iron Gloves, Bacchus
Team History
Western Warriors Western Warriors 1969 - 1984
54 australia national cricket team Australia 1971 - 1984

Being a wicket keeper, Marsh scored his first century in the first test against Pakistan in 1972, thus making him the first Australian player to achieve this feat. His best score for the career came while touring for Western Australia where he made 236 runs in an innings. Marsh also earned the title of world record of making 26 dismissals in 6 tests against West Indies in 1975-76.

Marsh made a century scoring 110 runs against England while playing for the Centenary Test in 1977. He became the first Australian wicket keeper to attain this accomplishment against England. In the same match, he overtook Wally Grout in taking a record-breaking 187 test dismissals. Marsh went on to make many more half centuries, 16 more to be precise.

As a remarkable batsman, Marsh has accumulated over 10,000 runs during his entire career. Marsh signed up for Kerry Packer for the World Series Cricket. He recorded 54 dismissals from 16 Supertests that he took part in.

The Ashes tour in 1981 saw Marsh taking 23 dismissals and becoming the first wicket keeper to take a hundred wickets in Ashes Test series and made over 3000 test cricket runs. He also made his mark as an occasional right-handed off-break bowler

Marsh is mostly known as an all-rounder for his stronger abilities in batting, bowling and wicket keeping. He coached the Australian Cricket Academy in Adelaide from 1990 till 2001 after his retirement. Marsh was appointed as the Director of England and Wales Cricket Board from 2001 to 2005.

Career Highlights

Marsh recorded 95 dismissals along with his partner, bowler Dennise Lillee in Test cricket, which is the highest record amongst all keeper-bowler pair.

He was the Wisden Cricketer of the Year for 1982.

Inducted in to the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame in 2005.

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