Swapnil Singh

Team Baroda Cricket team Baroda Cricket team
Role Batsman
Born Jan 22, 1991
Nationality India India
Team History
Baroda Cricket team Baroda 2005 - present
Kings XI Punjab Kings XI 2016 - present
Mumbai Indians Mumbai Indians 2008

Swapnil Singh is a young, dynamic cricketer playing for Mumbai Indians. He has played for Baroda as well. Swapnil bats with the right hand and bowls with the left hand.

In the year 2006, Swapnil played his first ‘first-class’ match at Vadodara from 10th of January onwards. It was played between Hyderabad and Baroda. The venue was ‘Moti Bagh Stadium’. This match proved to be a cake-walk for Baroda; as it won it by 220 runs. In the first innings, Swapnil opened his account and got out. In other words, PK Reddy picked up Swapnil’s wicket when his score was ‘1’. However, in the second innings, Swapnil scored 8 runs in 11 balls. On the balling front, Swapnil picked up 4 wickets in the first innings, and 1 wicket in the second innings. He hasn’t played any match as yet for IPL.

Career Highlights

In 2 First-Class Matches played so far, Swapnil has scored 24 runs; with the highest score being 15. He is expected to create wonders in the next IPL season. It has been thought over on a serious note to give increasing numbers of chances to youngsters. As such, Swapnil won’t be left behind. Let the fingers be kept crossed!

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