Glenn Donald McGrath is a former Australian cricket player. In cricketing history amongst the fast medium pace bowlers McGrath is highly regarded as one of the best and from the mid-1990s to 2008 he has contributed a huge share in Australia’s domination of world cricket.

The birth place of McGrath is Dubbo in New South Wales where Doug Walters first spotted him. In 1993-94 at Perth against New Zealand McGrath made his Test debut. McGrath did not bowl at a very high speed. He focused mainly on unfaltering precision and subtle movement of the seam. His height of 6 feet 6 inches was blended with a high arm action and this resulted in him extracting extra bounce from the pitches to surprise the batsman. In the latter part of his career he developed himself as a swing bowler.

McGrath became the first Aussie fast bowler to participate in 100 Tests in 2004. In 2005 during the first innings of the ICC Super Series Test match he overtook Courtney Walsh and became the highest wicket taker amongst fast bowlers in Test history. He has a robust and precise throwing arm and hence is a competent outfielder.

Role Bowler
Born 9 Feb 1970
Nationality Australia Australia
Nickname Pigeon
Team History
Delhi Daredevils 2008 - 2010
54 australia national cricket team Australia 1993 - 2007
Middlesex County Cricket Club Middlesex County 2004
Worcestershire County Cricket Club Worcestershire County 2000

McGrath has been successful in one day cricket as well as Test cricket and against all opposition teams and hence is considered as the best fast bowler in the world. He finished his career as the most successful Test fast-bowler and 3rd highest Test wicket taker.

On Saturday December 23 2006, McGrath held a press conference announcing his retirement from tests. The 2007 World cup was one of the most successful tournaments for McGrath where he became the leading wicket taker in the history of the World Cup, while also being the top wicket taker with 26 and being named player of the tournament.

In the year 2008 McGrath was signed by the Delhi DareDevils for the Indian Premier League for a sum of USD 350,000 to plays in Twenty Overs games.

Major achievements

Leading wicket taker in the History of World Cup

He holds the world record for the highest number of Test wickets by a fast bowler and is fourth on the all time list, with the top three wicket takers Anil Kumble, Shane Warne and Muttiah Muralitharan all being spin bowlers

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