Deepak Chougule

Team Karnataka Cricket Team Karnataka Cricket Team
Role Batsman
Born Apr 1, 1984
Nationality India India
Team History
Karnataka Cricket Team Karnataka 2002 - present
Kochi Tuskers Kerala Kochi Tuskers Kerala 2011

Deepak Chougule is a professional Indian cricket player who plays for the Karnataka State in the Ranji Trophy cricket match held in India. Born in 1984 in Karnataka, Deepak even represented the India under 19 team at the international matches. He made his debut for Karnataka at the junior level in the under 13 match that was held in 1997 in Chennai. Against the Goa team, on his debut match, Chougule scored 400 runs, a junior world record with maximum runs scored in a single day by any player of a cricket match.

Deepak played for the Dharwad zone in the inter-zonal match and in 1997, he bagged his junior cap for the Karnataka team, after being selected to play for the state in the under 13 match in the “Sportstar” in Chennai. It was his debut match against the Goa team, where he scored 400 runs in a single day. Moreover, he even represented Karnataka team in the under 16 V. Pattabhiraman Trophy and in under 19 Ghulam Ahmed trophy matches.

He ultimately won his junior cap for India and played exceptionally well enabling India team to win the Asia cup under 17 match and was also sent to Australia for training purpose. He eventually got selected to play for the India under 19 team cricket world cup in 2002, held in New Zealand. At present, he is a part of the IPL team, the Kochi Tuskers Kerala.

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