No reason to respect Johnson - Kohli

After scoring Kohli’s third Test hundred of the tour, Virat Kohli brought his attacking form to the press conference too, saying he was left with no good reason to respect Mr. Johnson and some of the other Australia players after verbals flew “throughout the day” at the MCG.

The squabbling reached its peak when Johnson fielded in his follow-through and threw back at the striker’s stumps. Unlike with Mohammed Shami and Steven Smith on day one, there was a genuine case for Johnson trying to run Kohli out, and the throw was headed for the stumps when it hit Kohli, who was trying to get back into his crease. Kohli believed it was an attempt to hit him and an argument ensued, which needed the intervention of the umpires.

“I was really annoyed with him hitting me with the ball, and I told him that’s not on,” Kohli said. “‘Try and hit the stumps next time, not my body.’ You have got to send the right message across. I am not there to take to some unnecessary words or chats from someone. I am going there to play cricket, back myself. There’s no good reason that I should respect unnecessarily some people when they are not respecting me.”

Kohli said this attitude from Australia helped him play better, which he said might be one of the reasons why five of his nine hundreds have come against them.

It will be interesting to see, what will happen next in the match!

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