The right time to hand over legacy to young guns?

A thrilling win in the final that too against arch rival Pakistan and a champion performance in whole tournament are the things which India was missing after 1983 world cup and 1985 Benson and Hedges series when Indian team did the same.

After 24 years Indian team is Champion again that too in the latest version of cricket. A young team led by a young leader displayed every aspect which are must for a champion team. Was it batting, bowling, fielding or keeping cool, all was there in Indian team. These are some of the cricketing aspects which mostly associated with Australian team.

When tournament started nobody was expecting that Indian team will be the winner because this team was full of youngsters, a new captain and the pillar of Indian cricket Sachin Tendulkar, Saurabh Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and Zaheer Khan were missing. But the end result has shown that if you give confidence to young guns then they are the world’s most lethal weapons.

Now after this victory questions are raised by the public that should the senior trio of Tendulakr, Dravid and Ganguly hand over their ODI legacy to these young Turks.

Opinions on this issue are quite visa versa. Some former cricketers feels that twenty20 and ODI are all together different ball game and for ODI you need experience. Some feels that its right time to give responsibly to youngsters.

We also feel that it’s high time for hand over because

  1. Tendulkar has already shown his intension of retirement from ODI.

  2. Dravid too is not keen to continue in 50-50 games.

  3. Ganguly still wants to play but his recent performances were not suited for the present style of One Day matches where most of the matches are high scoring match which means batsman has too consume less balls for more runs.

  4. Experts says that in 50-50 over match player has to play according to the ball but we want to ask them when teams are scoring on average of more then 6 runs per over in every third match then where is the time to go slow and wait for right ball to hit. ODI’s have become more or less bigger version of twenty20 these days.

  5. The biggest problem with these seniors is their fielding. We all have seen that a good fielding can change the whole tempo of the game and this was the biggest factor for Indian teams success in twenty20.

  6. We have now a young captain M S Dhoni for ODI. Dhoni led the young team remarkably in T20 but when these seniors will be around he will not feel as comfortable as he feels about younger lot.

  7. One of the major factors of Ganguly’s success was that he built his team. He roped in young players and polished them and we reached the finals of 2003 world cup. Let the same thing happen with Dhoni, let him make his team. We might lose series against Australia, Pakistan but slowly for the 2011 world cup a strong team will be there.

  8. Pick these young players when they are in good form like Rohit Sharma, Joginder Sharma, Yusuf Pathan, Manoj Tiwari, S. badrinath and many more in waiting. Throw them against good teams like Australia and Pakistan and let them know what the pressure of big matches is and let them learn to overcome from it.

  9. Last but not the least, Tendulakar himself has said that Indian cricket is now on in safe hands.

So we all know that selectors will be forced to choose these legends for every match and youngsters will be told to wait, for how long God knows.

We also know that in test cricket nobody can replace these legends at present and we need them there but for other form of cricket these legends should come forward and say that let the future of modern cricket be handed over to young players and we will continue to serve in the test form. So that people will remember not only their contribution to Indian cricket but their gentle gesture also.

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  • Anjali nambissan Anjali Nambissan - about 13 years ago

    Youngsters may be good in the shorter or the shortest version of the game, but technically, they are nothing close to the greats like Sachin, Rahul, Sourav or VVS. They will be good in bursts against big teams in test matches but they will not be able to grind out a win...