In life, there are some things that seem almost inextricably inter-twined, Mahatma and non-violence, Karna and generosity, Mother Teresa and social service, which is to say, you cannot think one without simultaneously thinking of the other - so is Sachin Tendulkar and records in cricket. From the 664 runs unbroken partnership record with Vinod Kambli as a 14 year school boy to the unprecedented and almost improbable 200 unbeaten in the shorter version of the game - every record created in every place, encompassed a moment of magic in itself.
 sachin tendulkar

Aptly, justly, rightfully & suitably are all words used as tools to describe something that is deserving but nothing quite really and truly describes this special achievement as befittingly does, for it is not just about another cricketing record. Of all the things he has been destined so far, nothing perhaps is as fascinating as the mystiques of this achievement. For it is in the shorter version of the game, it all began with that audacious 82 off 49 balls in his very first innings as an opening batsman which not only created a sensation then but also provided a prevision of what was to follow. Between then and now, he has pioneered many things, crossed many landmarks, created multitude of records, but then, if it is anything that defines his career, with all due respect to his other achievements, it is his mastering of the shorter version of the game with ease and perfection that precedes everything else.

Personally, I cannot think anything in the rest of his professional career matching the magnitude of something this big an achievement, and if I have to let my imagination to think of anything, then it can only be a scintillating innings in the grand finale of the 2011 World Cup bringing glory to not just a nation that has more than a billion population but to himself - often revered as a Phenomena among the billions.

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    simple article. Ponting Vs Tendulkar Source:

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    Great article!Waiting for your baseball (Phillies) comments this year! Rob

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