One-Days heading towards extinction

The immense popularity of the Twenty20 cricket has started having its effect on the traditional form of One-Day Internationals. Cricket fans, particularly from New Zealand and Australia, are showing a keen interest in the Twenty20 format of the game. They prefer this form for its crispier nature and find it more captivating than the fifty over game.

Australia, which is the second most prominent nation to play the game of Cricket, is planning to give up the original fifty over game on the domestic level and experiment with a new forty-over format comprising of two Innings. This action comes after England’s decision to discard the fifty over county cricket in support of the new forty-over games. Post IPL, India too is crazy about the T20 format. Thus, the fifty over format is almost heading towards extinction on the domestic level in these three most important cricket countries.

The former New Zealand cricketer Martin Crowe senses that with Australia opting for the new 40-over format, the tradition One Day format is heading towards a decline. Thus, it will not be a product of fantasy to assume that the World Cup 2011 will be last one to be played under the conventional fifty-over set-up. The World Cup 2015 that will be hosted by Australia and New Zealand is expected to mark a new beginning.

James Sutherland, the CEO of Australian cricket also anticipates that the One-Day format is almost sure to be modified by 2015. Ricky Ponting, the captain of the Australian team also welcomes the possible change as he too feels that there is a need to search ways for improvement as the traditional fifty-over format is struggling in Australia due to the enormous popularity of T20 matches

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  • Profile image 46x46 Mark - almost 9 years ago

    After a 1 year trial of 40 overs over 2 innings cricket, Australia reverted to the traditional 50 over format for its domestic interstate competition.