As the third edition of the IPL moves into the third week of the competition, the controversies associated with the tournament continue thick and fast. The previous week saw two of the controversies hitting the tournament; one to do with the Indian sports minister criticising the event and the other of the High Court summoning Lalit Modi to the court. lalit modi

Indian Sports Minister, MS Gill was critical about the manner in which the tournament was structured; making it a difficult proposition for the other formats of the game to survive. He said that the Test matches and the ODIs are the more conventional formats of the game and will need much more than the way the IPL affected the spirit of the game.

Then, there was the controversy to do with the name of the country being written on the playing ground in the stadium. According to Indian rules, the flag or the name of the country cannot be written in places where it can be insulted by being trampled over, and when the name is on the ground, that is bound to happen.

So, Lalit Modi and the chief of the sponsor DLF, KP Singh, have been asked to appear before the court. Singh’s company’s logo consists of the word, India, which is causing the controversy.

Rajeev mcallister
Sports Pundit staff writer

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