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England Women team surprised the nation in 1993

Since 1976, women cricket teams were not allowed in the Lord’s pavilion or even to be members of the MCC, the Marylebone Cricket Club. But, in 1993, with late provision of 90,000 pound grant from the Foundation for Sport and Arts and also through some high profile individual gifts, it was possible for the England team to go ahead.

Despite the media ignoring the event, the final moments did turn out to be the national consciousness. Firstly, it was the first time that the match had not been between Australia and England. And secondly, New Zealand was in awesome form that had already beaten England.

However, time went still when it became apparent that England was on the right side of the coin. England won the World Cup and finished 195 for 5 from their 60 over. The trophy was presented to Smithies, who lifted the trophy and even for one day at least, women’s cricket made all news at all the newspapers.

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