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IPL asks franchises to deal direct with players

The Indian Premier League has mandated the various franchises to directly negotiate the players’ contract with the players themselves and not take the agents’ route. This has been done after the sudden increase in the Indian Cricket League players into the IPL.

The IPL said that the move comes in wake of the problems faced by the various across the world, as the agents have been apparently misguiding both, the players and the franchises. The IPL has also said that they will only recognise the contracts which are signed by the players and the franchises and none apart from that.

There have been many complaints that have been received by the IPL on ICL players as well as young and upcoming players being approached illegally by the agents with promises of getting them through to the IPL. The IPL has also said that all the franchises will need to re-enter into a contract with the players and reveal all these contracts to the IPL by 25th of August.

An IPL statement said, “The IPL has taken this stand based on complaints received from multiple quarters about individual franchisees tweaking the terms of conditions of signing up young and new players as per their convenience and were not part of the prescribed contract templates provided by the league.”

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