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USA to plan for US Premier League

The United States Cricket Association has said that it wants to host a cricket tournament on the lines of the Indian Premier League, and will name it the USA Premier League in all probabilities.

The US Cricket Board has also taken its first steps towards its inception by calling forward and taking proposals from organizers, sponsors and broadcasters.

An English based international sports management company, Rushmans, has been appointed as commercial adviser and some of its responsibilities will include the identification of partnerships, developing major cricketing events, strategically planning and implementing a T20 league, TV/radio rights, maintenance of website and so on.

The media release regarding the same said, “The commercial potential of cricket in the United States is widely recognised and that was underscored by the number of approaches USACA has received from many significant and prestigious organizations ranging from broadcasters to promoters and sports marketing companies.

“This process will enable us to consider all the proposals on the table and select the ideas and form the partnerships which are most beneficial to USACA, to the development of cricket in the USA and to the partners themselves.

“Cricket is a truly global sport which has been liberated by developments in the media. The success of the IPL in South Africa is evidence of that.

“We are confident that, with the right partners, the USA can host a world class Premier League which will fill grounds and attract massive television and online audiences. That is good news for the future of the sport in the USA and the growth of cricket worldwide.”

This is a part of USACA’s Project 15, which has a vision to make USA a top-15 cricketing nation in the world by 2015.

Suneer chowdhary
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