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IPL may be listed on the stock exchange

It has been said that the various teams in the Indian Premier League may get listed in the stock exchange in a couple of years from now. According to some financial consultancies, the two year old IPL is wroth $2billion already, where as the IPL brand is not less than $311 million. Unni Krishnan, Country Manager, Brand Finance India, said, “The IPL is just like any company today and it holds a long-term shareholder value. In 2-3 years, the IPL clubs may get listed on the bourses just like the popular English Premier League football teams.”

According to the same company, the value of the Kolkata Knight Riders team is currently at $42.1 million, the maximum amongst all the teams. This is followed closely by the Mumbai Indians, with a value of almost $42million. They added that the moving of South Africa did not dilute the brand value of IPL. With Bollywood forming a rather chunky percentage of the entire deal, the brand value can only increase from here. Under these conditions, it is rather easy to expect the teams to list on the stock exchange.Her team may be one of the first ones to be listed>

However, there was a word of caution coming through as well. With the various leagues coming up, in the form of a similar league in England, South Africa and even the USA, the IPL can ill-afford to rest on its laurels.

My take on issue: This is very much on expected lines, but the most important thing here is that IPL shouldn’t lose on quality in any way. This includes the quality of cricket or of broadcasting. Most of the money changes hands in these huge multi-million broadcasting deals and it is imperative that the quality remains top notch.

Secondly, despite all the leagues, one gets the feeling that the star players – which are only so many in number – will be the attractions in most of the leagues. The problems of over-kill of cricket and injuries to these cricketers may be a problem as well; and so, it becomes imperative that the who’s who of the planning committee takes player injuries into consideration along with the fact that the players need to be preserved. Otherwise, all these dreams could end up remaining just that. Dreams.

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