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New Zealand’s new captain is Aimee Watkins

After the World Cup 2009 final in Australia, Haidee Tiffen stepped down as the skipper of the New Zealand Women national cricket team. She is now succeeded by Aimee Watkins (formerly Aimee Mason). In June 2009, when the World Twenty20 would be contested, New Zealand would be led by Aimee. aimee mason

Aimee’s remarks

Aimee, who is now 26, disclosed that she was proud to be chosen as the skipper of the national team. She said that continuing the work of Haidee is going to be a tough task, however she is confident that the team fully supports her. The task of captaincy appears a huge challenge for her and at the same time she is excited about it. Aimee thinks that she is quite a calm type of person who is not easily perturbed and this is her forte for captaincy. It is her aim to lead by example and performance on the ground.

Gary’s remarks

Gary Stead, the New Zealand coach, commented that Aimee was the logical choice to succeed Haidee as she has been the vice-captain on the earlier tours and also during the 2009 World Cup. She has experience with her and a good understanding of the New Zealand women’s team leadership and management group. Stead continued that Aimee had an attacking style and this can have considerable impact on the game. The T20 variation of the game is ideal for her to lead from the front.

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