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Chennai reduce team by five

The Chennai Super Kings have gone the Rajasthan Royals way and decided to axe five cricketers from their squad. Vidyut Sivaramakrishnan, Srikkanth Anirudha, Suresh Kumar, Abhinav Mukund and Napoleon Einstein have been removed from Chennai’s squad and that means there are only 23 players left. Most of these guys are batsmen, which means that the squad is replete with bowlers who could make the difference in conditions that suit the bowling department.

Writing on his blog, V.B. Chandrashekhar, the team manager for Chennai said that although it was a hard decision, the pink slips couldn’t be avoided and that the coach Stephen Fleming did a good job of breaking the news to the players. While the global recession could be one of the reasons behind this squad-trimming exercise it could be because of the logistical issues that most teams have had to face due to the movement of the tournament to South Africa. With the tournament now only 37 days long, it is a difficult ask to have the 59 matches played in such a short time.

Chandrashekhar said, “The schedule is pretty hectic with a lot of travel thrown in. As such, those carrying or suffering injuries will have little time to recover and the stress would be particularly more on our bowlers. Hence the decision to have sufficient cover for them and send back five batsmen”

My take on issue: It is only natural that teams reduce the team size from a bloating figure of 25-30 when only 11 are going to take the field at any point in time. I would also say that it is a smarty move by the Super Kings not to chuck the Indian bowlers, because my personal take is that they would make all the difference. Sadly for the young cricketers, they have had to make a trip to South Africa and then go back without playing a single match.

Suneer chowdhary
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  • Aditi verma Aditi Verma - about 11 years ago

    Serves them right for blindly trusting a tournament like this. I hope they get compensated for it though.

  • Anjali nambissan Anjali Nambissan - about 11 years ago

    I think that like the Drafts in American sports, the IPL is trying to promote the Auction and make them popular as well. No wonder they keep hoarding up on useless players who keep sitting in the dressing rooms. Well, at least they are getting to see South Africa if nothing else.

  • Kavita nambissan Kavita Nambissan - about 11 years ago

    Yeah well, they would probably never get a single game even. So I don't think that there is a doubt about what could have been. They will always be there to just fill up the rooms in the hotel.