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1975 Cricket World Cup in England: Highlights-Part 2

Top Scorers

During the 1975 Cricket World Cup in England, the maximum runs were scored by Glenn Turner of New Zealand. He scored 333 runs, inclusive of 2 centuries, at an average of 166.50 in the 4 innings that he played and was unbeaten twice. The second top scorer was Dennis Amiss of England. He scored 243 runs in 4 innings at an average of 60.75 including 1 century and 1 half century. The third rank is of Majid Khan of Pakistan. He scored 209 runs at an average of 69.67 and this included 3 half centuries. Keith Fletcher of England holds the fourth position as he scored 207 runs at an average of 69. The fifth spot is occupied by Alan Turner of Australia. He scored 201 runs and his average was 40.20. Glenn Turner>

Top opening partnerships

182 runs were added for the first wicket by Alan Turner and Rick McCosker of Australia on 11th June 1975 at the Oval. This was the highest partnership between the players for the 1st wicket in the 1975 Cricket World cup in England. The second highest opening partnership was displayed by Sadiq Mohammad and Majid Khan of Pakistan. This pair scored 159 runs in Nottingham on 14th June 1975. The third rank is held by Barry Wood and Dennis Amiss of England. On 14th June 1975, at Birmingham this duo put on 158 runs. The fourth position is occupied by Sunil Gavaskar and Farokh Engineer of India. They had an unbeaten partnership of 123 runs at Leeds on 11th June 1975. dennis amiss

Top partnerships for the 2nd wicket

176 runs were scored for the 2nd wicket by Dennis Amiss and Keith Fletcher of England at Lord’s on 7th June 1975. The second best partnership was of 125 runs which was scored on 18th June 1975 at the Oval by Gordon Greenidge and Alvin Kallicharran of West Indies. On 14th June 1975, Roy Fredericks and Alvin Kallicharran made a partnership of 124 runs at the Oval which is the third ranked partnership.

Other century partnerships

For the 3rd wicket, Glenn Turner and John Parker of New Zealand added 149 runs at Birmingham on 7th June 1975. There are two century partnerships for the 4th wicket. Rohan Kanhai and Clive Lloyd of West Indies scored 149 runs on 21st June 1975 at Lord’s. Secondly, 117 runs were contributed by Greg Chappell and Doug Walters of Australia at the Oval on 11th June 1975.

Other maximum partnerships

For the 5th wicket, Mike Denness and Chris Old of England created an unbeaten partnership of 89 runs at Lord’s on 7th June 1975. Ross Edwards and Rod Marsh of Australia added 99 runs for the 6th wicket on 14th June 1975 at the Oval. The maximum partnership for the 7th wicket was made by Doug Walters and Gary Gilmour of Australia when they scored an unbeaten 55 at Leeds on 18th June 1975. For the 8th wicket, the best partnership was of 48 runs which was exhibited by Dayle Hadlee and Brian McKechnie of New Zealand on 11th June 1975 at Nottingham. Syed Abid Ali and Srinivasaraghavan Venkataraghavan of India scored 69 runs for the 9th wicket at Manchester on 14th June 1975. For the 10th wicket, the maximum partnership was created by Deryck Murray and Andy Roberts of West Indies when they scored unbeaten 64 runs at Birmingham on 11th June 1975.

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