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IPL franchisee or player to pay compensation

Some cricketers of England are centrally contracted with the Indian Premier League (IPL) in the coming season. These are Kevin Pietersen of Hampshire and Andrew Flintoff of Lancashire. The English counties are demanding compensation for losing these players and it is gauged that either the IPL franchisee or the player would have to pay this amount. kevin pietersen

The chief executive of Lancashire, Jim Cumbes declared “The last thing we want to do is stop Freddie making money in the IPL. Good luck to him. But we will be seeking compensation if he does play. The county season will be under way by then. No figure has been mentioned. It might be 10% of his contract. And we would prefer it to come from the franchise, rather than the player’s pocket.” It has been reported that Pietersen is offered 1.7 million USD from the IPL. Although, it is a fact that the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) jurisdiction is limited to England and its counties and has no say if Pietersen desires to join another team, he still would have to pay some money to Hampshire from his contract. As the centrally contracted cricketers of England are now taking part in the IPL, this has led to discussions between the ECB, the players and Professional Cricketers Association. Rod Bransgrove, the chairman of Hampshire, said “I’m prepared to negotiate but if any team wants Kevin to play for them in the course of the county season the franchise concerned would have to reach an agreement with us.” andrew flintoff

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