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Alleged Racist Abuse Mars India Test

Alleged Racist Abuse Mars India Test Photo: TT
Alleged Racist Abuse Mars India Test

The Third Test between Australia and India has been marred after allegations of racist abuse against members of the visiting team by a small section of the home crowd were made for the second day in succession.

The match is being played at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), which normally has a capacity of 38,000. However, due to restrictions imposed because of a local outbreak of the coronavirus in the Sydney area, that has been cut to 9,500 a day, with all spectators required to wear masks, expect when eating and drinking.

The first incident occurred on Saturday, when Team India made a formal complaint to the match referee, claiming that their fast bowling pair of Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammad Siraj had both been on the end of racist abuse from a small group of fans.

And it was Siraj who was at the heart of matters once more on Sunday.

He was fielding at fine leg when he abandoned his position to approach the two umpires, Paul Reiffel and Paul Wilson, and pointed to a section of the crowd where a group of spectators had congregated, some of them apparently intoxicated.

Play was held up for ten minutes, before the stewards, with the help of local police, intervened and ejected six fans from the ground.

Cricket Australia has issued a full apology to the tourist and has now launched a full investigation with New South Wales, promising that anybody found responsible will face a range of sanctions, including fines, lengthy bans, and police cautions.

Some former Australian cricketers like Shane Warne and Mike Hussey have gone further, calling for life bans for anybody found guilty.

Meanwhile the ICC has condemned the incidents in the strongest possible terms stating that it is against racism and discrimination of any kind.

On the field, India face defeat going into the Fifth Day of the Match. They closed Sunday on 98/2, still needing 309 runs to win, and with two of the batsmen to come, Ravindra Jadeja, and Rishabh Pant, both likely to bat with pain-killing injections after being struck by short balls when batting, Jadeja suffering a dislocated left thumb.

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