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Twenty20 World Cup Could be Deferred

Twenty20 World Cup Could be Deferred Photo: TT
Twenty20 World Cup Could be Deferred

The mens T20 Cricket World Cup, which was due to begin in Australia in October, could be deferred until 2022 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

That is one option which is on the table for discussion when the ICC Board meets on May 28th by video conference.

At present there are three possible scenarios for holding the event. The first is that it will go ahead as planned on October 18th, with all players entering Australia having to spend 14 days in quarantine first, and with crowds allowed in the stadiums.

The second option is a variant of the first, but with matches played behind closed doors in the absence of fans. And then the third option is to delay it for two years.

There are solid arguments for why deferment might be the option of choice for most ICC members. In the first place there is the cost and logistical nightmare of having to quarantine 16 teams, their support staff, and all the media for a two week period.

And, even more importantly, some teams might not even be able to take part, if international travel restrictions have not eased by then.

Nor is delaying it by a few months an attractive alternative, because that might potentially lead to a clash with the 2021 Women’s ODI World Cup which is scheduled for February in New Zealand.

There are some who believe that the likelihood of that event going ahead as planned is far greater anyway because it only involves eight teams and is being held in a country which has been very successful in containing the transmission of Covid-19 within its borders.

Cricket Australia (CA) the hosts of the World Cup, would not be averse to a deferment because it would mean that they would still get the revenue from it, even if that would be delayed by a couple of years. Their immediate priority is to try and ensure the Indian tour of the country, due to start in Australia, goes ahead.

It is estimated that the tour will generate revenues of AUS $300 million (US $193 million), money which the cash-strapped organisation desperately needs.

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