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"The need to bolster the squad"; De Kock and Morris' contributions rewarded

Confirmation that Quinton de Kock’s return will now be so, will mean that the saying, ‘behind every cloud is a silver lining’ only puts itself in the equation now at the suspense that Linda Zondi’s supposed lack of experience in his playing days, has been the reason for his unfathomable, and one might say, ongoing omission of the wunderkind De Kock.

“We have recognised the need to bolster the squad”-it only furthers the press’ appetite for answer, but, because of the Proteas’ batters lack of confidence, failing to give one the authority that the Proteas teams of past did. With De Kock’s inclusion, we perhaps need to pose this question: is it because of cricket’s politics that gave the selectors food for thought, and perhaps due to sheer pressure forced them to choose De Kock, or was it that Zondi really did rate him?

Well, De Kock’s form had him deservingly included on the eve of another low-point under under-fire Hashim Amla’s captaincy, and coach Russell Domingo could not hold in to make it obvious that he too was overjoyed at the thought of him being back after getting omitted a few months ago. Also, his counterpart Chris Morris’ contributions, getting rewarded with getting to be a part of the Proteas’ dressing-room once more, but he will most likely only be back-up for if another injury would happen.

The niche for him would be to likely say to him, ‘you now have the responsibility to take over from AB (De Villiers), because his back can’t hold’; and that is what has been De Kock’s job for the majority of his career. And although it’s not yet confirmed, questions surrounding De Villiers’s ability to keep, because, as a result, one can describe him as being “rusty” from the few and far in between opportunities he’s had to do it, will most likely mean that De Kock’s availability will hinge on the fact if he wants to or not to keep.

Also, one can expect, although some might claim that to do the above-mentioned and also open the batting alongside the settled Dean Elgar will be too much for someone of his age-22-that if, because at this stage it looks like it, Stiaan van Zyl doesn’t make demands for his previous failures, De Kock will have to do both. De Kock won’t mind to do it-that’s his preferred position-and he might find him in it by the time the Proteas trek to the “Highveld”, If Stiaan van Zyl’s now-ever frustrating run-drought carries on; he will have to resurrect his career in Cape Town, otherwise, I’m sorry, goodbye to a makeshift opener, yet a man whom had a finely constructed technique.

“Van Zyl should be given an extended run in the test team before a call on his suitability for the role is made…The selectors thought he could do a job…and the Cobras even moved him there (the opening spot) to accommodate the move…I would like to see him get the best opportunity possible to prove himself…It’s still early days for Stiaan van Zyl as an opening batsman”, was quotes from cricket expert Neil McKenzie’s perception about Van Zyl.

But where will De Kock play; his penchant for runs, and also the decision to say to De Villiers ‘you don’t have to keep’, making his return non-negotiable? Because of the Proteas’ fragility, the lack of confidence being the reason for their batters’ run-drought, De Kock’s inclusion will probably mean that what those of old ages thought will happen; one will think that he will get a chance in the middle-order, and replace the likes of seniors Faf Du Plessis and JP Duminy, both of who’s names will be put down with a hint of scrutiny.

This has only happened because of their ‘fragility’, so, although De Kock’s fine form makes him the ideal man to take over from De Villiers’ unnecessary ‘burden’, all this shows South-African cricket’s fragility, and, because we can’t put a finger on the selectors’ decision to De Villiers get him to, in the absence of De Kock, keep, one would only think that the hesitant nature of selectors, and the lack of experimentation in this country, that De Kock will be forced to most likely incumbent on Duminy.And also-the “Gilchrist”-De Kock’s similarities to him could maybe convince the selectors to let De Kock do the ‘bash-them-up’ role that fitted in the final part to complete the jigsaw puzzle-Lions coach Jeffrey Toyana has called for De Kock to be the next Gilchrist, so to pick him at Gilchrist’s all-important role of seven-but either way they will be swayed, the only problem will be: as De Kock’s return is non-negotiable, who will you say to ‘sorry, but you’re not part of our plans anymore’?

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