Unanimous Decision (ud)

Unanimous Decision is a winning criterion not only in boxing but in other combat sports. This includes kickboxing, mixed martial arts, Muay Thai and other striking types of sports. Normally sports with three judges that determine the winner use the term UD or Unanimous decision.

UD in Boxing

Boxing match has three judges keeping tabs of the score of the winning fighter. In boxing, unanimous decision is not required for victory. One shouldn’t confuse this with split decision or majority decision. A unanimous decision is often called as “win on points”

What is Means to Win Unanimously?

For boxing, there are three judges that tally the scores and they situated on the ringside. Based on the rules, the judges keep the score per round and they give points to the fighter who they think is winning. In boxing, a 10-point system is followed. The winner gets automatic 10 on the scorecard. The most contenders who gets more points wins.


Another combat sports the popular use the term UD is UFC. For this kind of sports, a 10 point system is a must. One fighter must gain 10 points for each round. The three judges will submit their scorecards. In a UD scenario, a fighter will win all the scorecards of the judges. The three judges were unanimous and one fighter won the match.

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