Birth date 6 Dec 1967 (51 years)
Nationality Netherlands Netherlands

Lucia Rijker is a Dutch professional boxer, actress, and kickboxer. She was born on December 6, 1967, and has been dubbed by her opponents as well as the press as “The Most Dangerous Woman in the World”. A Buddhist, Rijker dedicates a certain amount of time every day to chanting and meditation, and is known to be able to speak four languages.

As early as six years old, Rijker already started her career in mixed martial arts, mainly focusing in Judo. Rijker was also a softball player and has some history in fencing as well.

Through her experience in boxing and kickboxing, Rijker has graced numerous covers of magazines such as Inside Kung Fu. As a boxer, Rijker has a record of 17 wins without any defeats. However, in 1999, Rijker paused her career in boxing and went on to pursue a career in acting. As an actress she starred in the Oscar-winning film, Million Dollar Baby, as well as other movies and TV series.

Although she returned to boxing afterwards and went on to fight 3 more events, until she ruptured an Achilles tendon during training. It has been reported that Rijker has not retired as a professional boxer, but she will return for one more fight against Laila Ali.

Aside from Rijker’s boxing record, she also has a kickboxing record of 37-0 (25 wins via knockout), with five world titles to her name.