Stephanie Jaramillo

Born May 18, 1982
Nationality United States United States
Nickname Golden Girl

Stephanie Jaramillo was born on May 18, 1982 and started boxing at a young age. Her older brother brought her first pair of gloves and although her love for boxing was allowed to flourish in the family, her father did not allow her to box until he saw the first televised boxing match between women players on TV. She was 14 when this happen she and the next day she and her father went looking for a gym, eventually enrolling at A Woman’s Place Gym in Albuquerque. Stephanie fought her first amateur fight two months later.

Jaramillo made her pro debut in 2002 in New Mexico facing Martha Flores of San Antonio, Texas, winning the match over Flores with a TKO. She won her next match against Angie Poe on March 15, 2003 in New Mexico. Two months later she was on the ring again this time facing off with Mimiy Palfy, who, to her credit was making her debut.

One of her greatest losses came August 6, 2003 when she was defeated by Holly Holm by a four-round majority decision. The two met again on October 3, 2003, with Jaramillo upping her game and landing some hard jabs of her own to counter Holm’s well-timed jabs. In the end Holms emerged the unbeaten winner.

One of her greatest fights was against Sunya Anani, who was by then recognized as one of the world’s greatest fighters. She fought Anani at about 8 day’s notice that Anani’s opponent Columbian boxer Darys Pardo could not get a visa to get to the US. She fought Anani on December 23, 2004, giving Anani a good run for her title with counterattacks, although she spent a good amount of time on the ring trying to avoid Anani’s blows. In the end, Anani won with a ten round unanimous decision over Jaramillo.

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