Irichelle Duran

Born Nov 18, 1976
Nationality Panama Panama
Nickname Pretty Girl

Irichelle Duran is a female professional boxer from Panama, born on November 18, 1976 to Roberto Duran, a four division boxing world champion. Duran led a privileged life as she was growing up.

It was in 1999 that Duran announced that she planned to become a professional boxer – much like Laila Ali, Jackie Frazier-Lude, and Freeda Foreman who were also daughters of former male boxing world champions. Unfortunately, Duran’s father wasn’t too eager about her chosen path. He even made it public that he did not want his daughter to get into boxing, but if she planned to go on with her plans, he would be present in all of her fights.

Her debut into the professional world of boxing came in August 4, 2000 where she fought Geraldine Iglesias. Unfortunately, she lost the fight after just four rounds. So far, her only win was on October 5, 2000 when she managed to knockout Marylin Hernandez after fighting for 3 rounds in a fight that was held in the Panama City gym, which is coincidentally, named after her father.

Although Duran has not officially claimed her retirement from the world of professional boxing, her last fight was in May 22, 2002 against Angie Bordelon – which she lost. Duran currently lives in Miami, Florida, and works as a boxing writer as well as a journalist. Some of her work can be viewed at as well as HBO Latino. Despite the losses, she continues to be an enthusiast of the sport.

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