Birth date 20 Sep 1962 (56 years)
Nationality United States United States

Theresa Arnold is an American professional female boxer. She was born in Boise, Idaho. Throughout her career, she had defeated a number of top boxers. She is considered important in the rise in popularity of female boxing in Idaho. Most of her fights were played in the northwest US. She is also instrumental in making Worley a hub for female boxing. It is argued that Arnold’s confinement to fights held in the Northwest US, prevented her from becoming a better known fighter.

In November of 1995, Arnold defeated Carol Stinson in a four round fight, which was held in Washington. The fight with Stinson marked Arnold’s debut into professional female boxing. She followed her debut by a win against Dolores Lira. A little over two weeks later, Arnold went up against Kim Messer and won.

In 1996, Arnold got her first knock-out win by defeating Robyn Lopez. The fight lasted for three rounds and was played in Caldwell, a town in Idaho. In the same year, Arnold fought Suzanne Riccio-Major in a game that lasted 8 rounds. Less than a week after her fight with Riccio-Major, she fought and defeated Sue Chase. Later that year, as well, she earned a win by way of disqualification. Her opponent, Bridget Riley, had lost her contact lenses. The latter lost after 5 rounds. Following that match, she retired from boxing for a while.

She returned in a match against Katherine Etheridge. Her second knock-out win came in 1997 when she defeated Riley in a rematch. She followed that with a win against Kim Young. Later she went up against Para Driane. The match against Driane earned Arnold her first IBA’s world Bantamweight title. In 1998, she lost to Eva Jones. That same year, she also defeated Deanna Wyman and later on Sonya Emery. That same year, Arnold retired from pro boxing.