Jean-Pierre Famechon

Born Mar 28, 1945
Nationality Australia Australia
Nickname Johnny

Jean-Pierre “Johnny” Famechon is an Australian featherweight boxed born on March 28, 1945 in France. He moved to Australia at the age of five and lives in Melbourne Australia. Famechon got professional training under Ambrose Palmer and never fought as an amateur boxer.

Famechon got his first major win when he defeated Les Dunn and got the Victorian Featherweight championship in 1964. He then became Commonwealth featherweight champion in 1967 when he defeated Johnny O’Brien of Scotland. He soon gained the WBC featherweight champion when he defeated Jose Legra of Cuba on 1969. Famechon defended his title against Fighting Harada of Japan and won in a controversial decision. A rematch was made six months later where he won by knock out in the fourteenth round. He then loses in a close fight against Vicente Saldivar of Mexico in 1970 wherein he retired afterwards. He wrote an autobiography the year after which was entitled “Fammo”.

Famechon was also known as the first Melburnian to become the King of Moomba in 1970.

In 1991, He was badly injured in an accident wherein he was hit by a car while he was jogging and this resulted to serious injuries on the boxing champ. He was able to start walking again in 1997.

In 1997, Johnny Famechon was inducted in the World Boxing Hall of Fame. Famechon had 20 years of boxing in his career and was known to be a tough fighter. His career record boasts of 56 wins 20 of which are knock outs, 6 draws and 5 losses.

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