Known for being able to create a record of more than 50 fights won by knockout, Eder Jofre was a world boxing champion hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Jofre holds titles with both the World Boxing Association and the World Boxing Council: he was world bantamweight title holder in the two boxing bodies and a holder of the WBC’s world featherweight belt.

Born on March 26, 1936, Eder first took the ring professionally on March 23, 1957. In this fight, he defeated Raul Lopez for his debut victory. He would defeat a second challenge by Lopez later on, as well as other fighters for the year 1957 alone. That year, Jofre built up his record by having twelve fights with all of them ending up as victories for his part.

Born Mar 26, 1936
Nationality Brazil Brazil

Aside from the world title he would win later on, Eder Jofre was also a holder of the South American bantamweight title after winning it from the hands of Ernesto Miranda on February 19, 1960. Miranda attempted to take it back from the now-champion Jofre but failed to win it back. He won the WBA bantamweight championship after defeating Eloy Sanchez. The fight took place on November 18, 1960.

Eder Jofre later on took the WBC bantamweight title by virtue of recognition by the council, which recognized him after beating Japanese Katsuyoshi Aoki. He would, however, lose the championship against another Japanese boxer, Masahiko Harada, who would be distinctive for giving Jofre his only professional defeat. The fight lingered for 15 rounds, and the loss was by a split decision.

Jofre also won the WBC world featherweight title on May 21, 1973. He successfully wrestled the title away from Jose Legra through unanimous decision.

The two division champions eventually retired on in 1976. His last opponent was Octavio Famoso Gomez, whom he fought in October 8 of that year.

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