Ceres Kobayashi

Born Feb 27, 1973
Nationality Japan Japan
Nickname Celes

Ceres Kobayashi is a former Japanese professional boxer who was born in Ibaraki, Japan on February 27, 1973. This former WBA Super Flyweight champion got his ring name “Celes” which means sky in Portuguese, from the company he used to work for. As of the moment, he resides in Chiba, Japan with his wife and daughter.

This Japanese started fighting by April, 1992 in the Bantham weight division, but he lost after the 4th round. In 1997, he challenged the Japanese flyweight title but lost the match after he got an injury in the 3rd round. He tried again in April 2008, but lost the title by the 10th round. By September of that same year, he finally won the title. And then, from 1998 to 2000, he successfully defended the title four times.

He challenged Malcolm Tunacao from Mandaue City, Philippines in August 2000 for the WBC Flyweight title. Tunacao retained the title since the fight was a draw. In the following year, by March 2001, he faced Leo Gomez of Venezuela for the WBA Super flyweight title. He won the title by TKO over Gomez in the 10th round. He then successfully defended the title for the first time in September 2001, however, by March 2002; he was defeated by Alexander Munoz of Venezuela, who had a 21 undefeated record at that time. After this loss, Kobayashi decided to retire from boxing.

During his retirement, he operated the Celes Kobayashi Boxing Gym in Chiba, Japan, as well as appearing as a commentator at title matches in Japan.

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