Erbito Salavaria

Born Jan 20, 1946
Nationality Philippines Philippines

Erbito Salavaria was a retired Filipino professional boxer who was born on January 20, 1946 in Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippines. He was known as the one of Asia’s best during the 70’s in the flyweight division.

Salavaria turned professional in 1963, at a young age of 17. His first few bouts from the time he became pro up until October 1967 were all held in the Metro Manila, Philippines. He took the Philippine Flyweight title from fellow Filipino Ric Magrano in May 1967, but lost it back to Magrano by October of that same year.

He had his first international match and his also first attempt for the Orient - Pacific flyweight title in Tokyo, Japan against Tsuyoshi Nakamura by December 1967. He successfully earned the title by October, 1969 in Metro Manila from Nakamura. He successfully defended the title against Shigeru Taremizu, Wittaya Pleonjit and Berkrerk Chartvanchai.

In December, 1970, he surprised the world when he took the WBC Flyweight title from Chartchai Chionoi from Thailand, knocking him out in the second round. He successfully defended the title again against Susumu Hanagata and from Betulio Gonzalez in 1971. He lost the title to Venice Borkhorsor in Thailand by February, 1973.

Then in April, 1975, he became the WBA World Flyweight champion after defeating Susumo Hanagata in Toyama, Japan. He successfully defended the title against Hanagata by October of that same year. He lost the title in 1976 to the Panamanian, Alfonso Lopez.

He decided to retire in 1978 at the age of 42.

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