Henry Armstrong was a world boxing champion whose nickname, “Homicide Hank”, best described his fierce blows and power punches. Armstrong was born on December 12, 1912 in St. Louis, Missouri. Armstrong fought a total of a hundred and eighty (180) fights, one hundred forty-nine (149) of which were victories that includes a hundred and one (101) knockout wins.

The product of an interracial union between an African-American sharecropper and an Iroquois Native American, Armstrong was one of the greatest prizefighters in boxing history, having conquered three or more weight divisions as a champion contender. His greatest achievement however, is having held three world championships at the very same time. He also holds the record for defending his Welterweight title several times, more than any boxer ever would. Such an amazing feat prompted Armstrong to be cast among the elite group of boxers who have managed to earn three or more titles in different divisions.

Born 12 Dec 1912
Death 22 Oct 1988 (75 years)
Nationality United States United States
Nickname Homicide Hank

“Homicide Hank” delivered his blows fiercely and relentlessly against his opponents, leading analysts to describe him as a “dynamite in a small package.” He stood just five feet and five inches tall, but battered his opponents to a pulp mercilessly. From the first round on, Armstrong was expected to throw quick power punches one after the other, his only goal being to knock out the other man in the ring.

This kind of steely determination prompted Armstrong to win three world titles in three different divisions: Welterweight, Lightweight, Featherweight, competing against the best names in the boxing world, legendary figures themselves who would later join him in the annals of boxing history.

Henry Armstrong retired in 1945, and was later ordained as a Baptist minister. He died in 1988.

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