Tommy Loughran

Born Nov 29, 1902
Nationality United States United States
Nickname Phantom of Philly

Tommy Loughran, nicknamed “Phantom of Philly,” was a Light Heavyweight boxing champion. Born on November 29, 1902 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Loughran was best known for his masterful combination of footwork, brilliant defense and powerful counter-punches. Loughran was also popular for having successfully avenged his losses throughout his career, he had always managed to win one rematch against opponents who had earlier defeated him.

Fighting a total of a hundred and seventy-five (175) matches in his career, Loughran won ninety-six (96) of these boxing bouts, but with only a disappointing number of seventeen (17) knockout (KO) wins. He lost twenty-four (24) of these matches while nine (9) of them were considered a draw. His poor number of KO wins affirmed the fact that the Philly native had a weak punch, a fact that Loughran himself acknowledged, he therefore focused on his footwork, defense technique and counter-punch to compensate for this weakness.

An intelligent boxer, Loughran’s strategy worked, for he managed to beat the biggest names in boxing history and he managed to fight other boxing professionals who were a lot heavier than he was. Some examples of these big names include the undefeated Gene Tunney, the legendary Jack Sharkey and the formidable fighter Georges Carpentier.

Though his punch lacked power, Loughran had enough intelligence and strategy to defeat his adversaries; his other nickname, “the boxing innovator” is just as perfectly suited for him. Loughran was a celebrated fighter, landing the title Fighter of the Year award from Ring Magazine in 1929 and in 1n 1931. A member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, Loughran passed away July 7, 1982 at the age of 79 years old.

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