Koki Kameda

Born Nov 17, 1986
Nationality Japan Japan

Koki Kameda is a well-known boxer from Osaka, Japan. He was born on November 17, 1986 and became a professional Japanese boxer in the flyweight category. He is the eldest among three siblings. The Kameda brothers are well-recognized in the world of boxing in Japan.

Koki’s father served as his mentor and trainer. Koki and his brothers began their training at a very young age. They usually train at the Green Tsunada gym in Osaka, where the famous Katsunari Takuyama once honed his boxing skills. After winning numerous amateur boxing events, he was then featured in a television series.

At the age of 14, Koki managed to gain the public’s attention when he defeated Hiroki Ioka, a two-time division world champion, back in 2000. His first attempt to grab the world title happened on August 2, 2006. The match took place at Yokohama where he challenged the Venezuelan boxer Juan Jose Landaeta in a battle for the WBA Light flyweight title. This fight spurred lots of controversies as Kameda won over Landaeta in a split decision. Many questioned the decision since Kameda was knocked down on the first round and his opponent clearly dominated the final two rounds. It stirred more controversies due to the fact that Kameda had a home court advantage. Tension buildup as the public was consumed with mixed reactions.

After the controversial bout in August 2006, Kameda and Landaeta once again faced each other on December 20, 2006 for a rematch. This time Kameda proved that his boxing skills were enough to take down Landaeta. He took on a different boxing strategy and won the bout with a unanimous decision from the judges. He then gave up his lightweight title on January 22, 2007 to take on a different path in the flyweight division.

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