Myung Woo Yuh is a famous male boxer who was born in Seoul on January 10, 1964. He is South Korean in Nationality and resides in Suwon City, South Korea. He is not as tall as many other boxers, he stand five feet and four inches or one hundred and sixty three centimeters. He is one boxer who has won many titles in his division which is the light flyweight division.

This division has a weight limit of one hundred and eight pounds or forty-nine kilograms. This was better known before as the “junior flyweight” class when the time that boxing was legalized in the year 1920. Then in January 19 of 1922 the National Boxing Association decided to withdraw recognition of the junior flyweight division. Then years after, they abolished the junior flyweight class and till date, no champion has ever been crowned in this division.

Born 10 Jan 1964
Nationality South Korea South Korea

Myung Woo Yuh has a record of thirty-eight wins, wherein fourteen by technical knock out, one loss and zero draw which gives him a total of thirty-nine fights. This series of wins gave him the title of WBA light flyweight Champion of the World and the OPBF light flyweight champion. Myung Woo also defeated a lot of other boxers and a few of which are Hiroki Ioka, Leo Gamez, Yuichi Hosono, Kajkong Danphuthai, Hisashi Tokushima, Kenbun Taiho, Mario Alberto De Marco and a lot more. He has made it to the hall of fame with is 17 successful defenses during his first reign.

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