Ivan Redkach

Height / weight 1.79 m /
Born Mar 11, 1986
Nationality Ukraine Ukraine
Playing Style Southpaw
Nickname El Terrible

Ivan Redkach is a professional boxer and has the nickname “El Terrible.” Redkach was born and raised in Shostka, Ukrainian SSR, where he learned boxing.

Professional Boxing Career

In January 2011, Redkach had his first major fight against Jaime Orrantia and defeated his opponent in the third round. Redkach stands by his name, and he was fierce in the ring. In June 2019, he was able to win against the former world champion, Devon Alexander, by dropping him twice and forcing the referee to stop the fight.

He was also able to fight against Danny Garcia, but this fight belonged to Garcia as he was the clear winner of the fight. Despite him losing his chance to win the title, still he was able to hurt Garcia. There was also an incident where he almost bit Garcia in the shoulder.

Unfortunate Loss at the Ring

Many people might have remembered Redkach for fighting Regis Prograis in April 2017. The referee has to stop the fight because Redkach dropped a punch on Prograis’ groin area. By the ruling of the referee, he decided that the fight should be stopped via technical decision, declaring Prograis as the winner of the match. Even though the favor was on Prograis, he protested the referee’s decision and told the referee to change the decision to a technical knockout instead of a technical decision.

Boxing Record

Total Fights: 31
Wins: 23
Wins by KO: 18
Losses: 6

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