Sebastian Fundora is a professional boxer born in West Palm Beach, Florida. Otherwise known as the towering inferno, this twenty-three-year-old boxer has a total of 17 wins, 0 losses, and one draw. Out of his 17 wins, 12 were by knockouts at a 71% ratio.

Currently, Fundora remains undefeated in all 18 competitions that he has joined. He has fought a total of 76 rounds, averaging 4.2 rounds per fight in his professional career. His last fight was in May 2021, where he won by knockout against Jorge Cota.

Born 28 Dec 1997
Nationality United States United States
Nickname The Towering Inferno

Since turning pro, Sebastian Fundora is active in joining boxing tournaments. His professional debut was in September 2016. Over two (2) years, he has fought five competitions already. This means that his fights were an average of more than five months apart.

Before turning professional, Fundora started gaining attention when he was 19. Coach Sampson Lewkowicz has seen potential in him and wanted to test out Sebastian in a match with Victor Toney. After winning the tournament, Sampson decided to be his coach.

From 2017 onwards, Sebastian has had a series of successes in defeating his opponents. One of the highlights of his boxing career was beating Habib Ahmed in the second round via technical knockout (TKO).

In 2021, after defeating Jorge Cota, Sebastian Fundora’s upcoming match is with Sergio Garcia. Both contenders are unbeaten and are ranked top five in the World Boxing Council (WBC). There is still no detailed information regarding their match. According to his coach, Sampson, the date and location are to be announced soon.

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