Born on June 12, 1990, Luis Arias is a professional boxer from America. Currently, at the middleweight and super middleweight division, Arias has a total record of 23 fights. He has a total win of 19, 2 losses, and one draw.

Luis Arias’ interest in boxing started at a young age. He was eight years old when took up the sport at the United Community Center in Milwaukee. Boxing was not Arias’s main interest. Around this time, he was looking for a hobby to keep him busy when he was not playing baseball. Naturally, his interest developed, and Luis started training with Israel Acosta.

Born 12 Jun 1990
Nationality United States United States
Nickname Cuba

Over the years, Luis Arias proved to be good in the sport as he wins big tournaments in the U.S. national championship games in 2008 and 2010. In addition, he also won the National PAL Champion as the gold medalist, the AIBA Youth World Championships as the bronze medalist, and the National Golden Gloves as a silver medalist.

Before leaving the amateur boxing career, Arias had an impressive record of 140-25. In 2012, he made his professional career debut by defeating Josh Thorpe. In 2016, Luis fought with Darryl Cunninham for the USBA middleweight title. He defeated Cunninham by technical knockout (TKO).

The highlights of Luis Arias’s career were his fight with Daniel Jacobs in 2017. It was the main event on HBO boxing matches and was the top 20 most watch premium cable fights. Although the judges voted against Arias by unanimous decision, that was one of the marks in his professional career. In 2021, Arias fought against Jarrett Hurd and won the split decision.

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