Brandon Glanton is an American professional boxer, well-known for advancing the final round of USA Boxing’s Olympic qualifiers. Glanton recently had won against undefeated Efetobor Apochi at The Armoury. The fight between Glanton and Apochi was also co-featured by David Morrell and Mario Cazares.

During an interview, Apochi mentioned that he only wanted to fight those who have no records of defeat before and Glanton was a perfect candidate to surpass Apochi’s standard. Ronnie Shields, Aporchi’s trainer, has told the press that Brandon Glanton is not just a boxer, but a bulldozer. He’s not just the kind of boxer who would jab at his opponent. Glanton is aggressive as he would come directly at his opponent and throws punches.

Born 15 Feb 1992
Nationality United States United States
Nickname Bulletproof

As Brandon Glanton defeated Efetobor Apochi in the 5th round, he vowed to defeat him again just in case they will meet again in the future. Glanton also tweeted on the same day that Apochi was making excuses and that he’s already old news. If given there’s a rematch, Glanton swore to knockout Apochi in Round 5. He was truly bulletproof inside the ring, as he had to exhibit incredible speed that matches his power punches.

Glanton has then received media attention right after he won against the undefeated Apochi. Many boxing enthusiasts have commented that the Bulletproof Glanton never failed to give them The Fight of the Year, and he is so far the biggest breakthrough fighter of the year.

Glanton also shared during an interview that it was a close fight, and what made him win the fight is because of the balance that he has constantly been working on. The smallest details he’d done inside the ring can make a huge difference, and it schooled him to do the right way. Glanton also demanded Apochi that Apochi has to respect Glanton’s name, yet agreed that his opponent is a tough guy.

Many fans are anticipating Glanton’s next fight, yet there’s no announcement about it.

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