Nico Ali Walsh is a popular American boxer, known for being Muhammad Ali’s grandson. Walsh is not only venturing into boxing, but he is also a social media influencer and entrepreneur in Chicago, Illinois. Recently, Walsh had signed a contract with Top Rank Boxing Promotion, Bob Arum, to hold his professional fight.

Walsh is of Caucasian ethnicity through his father and a Muslim background through his mother. Walsh follows both Muslim and Christian religions, as he grew up in completely mixed ethnic and religious backgrounds. Being the social media influencer and entrepreneur that he is, Walsh has collaborated with many sports brands for endorsement.

Born Jul 11, 2000
Nationality United States United States

It is noted that Walsh had worn the white trunks that Muhammad Ali had given him, and it brings him good luck throughout the fight. It was an emotional journey for Walsh, as he looked back at his grandfather’s contribution in boxing, and now, he has to tread down to his legacy to where he had learned the sport.

Walsh had been practicing boxing since he was young, and his mentor is no other than Muhammad Ali. He also participated in boxing championships while he was schooling. In June 2021, he made it official to sign a modeling contract with Top Rank Boxing. After the contract signing, his first task is to defeat Jordan Weeks.

Walsh shared in a recent interview that being Ali’s legacy is pressure to him because Ali is the greatest fighter who had ever lived. After he won the fight against Weeks, he reunited with his parents and hugs them. His aunt, Laila Ali, is also one of the best female boxers of all time, while his uncle, Mike Joyce, is a boxing trainer.

With many boxers in his family, many of his fans are looking forward to seeing him winning inside the ring. Currently, he is being watched by Bruce Trampler, who is looking out on his development as a fighter.


2021 Middleweight Champion

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