Vonda Ward

Born Mar 16, 1973
Nationality United States United States
Nickname All-American Girl

Vonda Ward makes America proud. An orthodox boxer, standing at 6 feet and 6 inches tall, Vonda Ward clearly towers over her competitors and has a distinct physical advantage. Ward has always taken these physical attributes to her advantage. Before becoming one of the world’s greatest female boxers, Ward was a varsity player for soccer, basketball and softball during her high school years. Ward’s performance in basketball stood out among the other sports she played. In fact, she was Ohio’s Ms. Basketball twice and was even crowned by Parade magazine as the Player of the Year and the All-American by USA Today.

Before becoming a professional boxer, Ward started her career in college basketball. She was so good, in fact, that she was sought after by numerous colleges willing to take her in just so that she can represent them. Though college basketball was much harder for Ward, she persevered and continued to play excellently. So, when did Ward turn to boxing? Ward broke her shin while in a basketball practice session and it was at this point in her life that she chose to quit playing basketball. Ward started hitting the gym and starting throwing punches at the heavy bag.

Ward became known as the All American Girl because she was always garbed in red, white and blue in every one of her matches even today. Just like any other player, Ward started as an amateur before turning to professional boxing. The only difference between Ward and the other boxers was that she only played as an amateur once and it was enough for people to take notice of her talents. During her one and only amateur fight, she knocked down her opponent three times.

Ward debuted as a professional boxer in the year 2000. In 2002, Ward managed to grab the IBA Heavyweight title. This was memorable for Ward for many reasons. It was her first ever world title and it was the first title ever to be given to a female boxer. Not only is she a great player but she is also a great individual. She uses her talents to support children and women. She is a remarkable athlete because of the natural talents she possess and a remarkable individual for her big heart. Vonda Ward has fought 24 bouts, winning 23 of them including 17 wins through knockouts and has 1 loss.

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