With no history of boxing except being born to legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, Laila Ali became an instant figure for women’s boxing. Debuting as a professional boxer on October 1999, her debut fight produced over 3000 fans. Everyone was expecting a lot from Laila, being the second youngest child of Muhammad Ali. However, as the fight started, almost everyone was disappointed. It was too one-sided of a match and Laila was able to beat her opponent, also a debuting fighter in just 31seconds. Some would say that there wasn’t much science to her fight. However most would agree that she showed some class during her fight, even ending the bout taking on her father’s famous pose.

Her second fight was a much better match when she was pitted against Shadina Pennybaker. Ali proved to those people who quite frankly looked down at her abilities by winning the match through TKO with just 30 seconds left to the game.

Born 30 Dec 1977
Nationality United States United States
Nickname She Bee Stingin'

Early in her professional career, it was quite clear that Laila was far from attaining the level of ability and talent her father possessed but she certainly made up for it by following her father’s psychological plays. Like Muhammad Ali, Laila would talk and taunt her opponents down.

2 years later from her professional debut, everyone was shocked at what Laila Ali could do. In all her bouts from 1999 to 2000, Laila managed to win every game through TKOs. Those people who underestimated her had to admit that they made a mistake and it was then that Laila began to come out of her father’s limelight and step into her own. Eventually, Laila learned to harness the power that she had and put it into science. In every fight, her moves became calculated and with every match she was pitted against more experienced players. She holds an impressive record of 24 overall fights, winning all of them including 21 wins through knockouts.

Some of Ali’s most recent wins include her February 2005 win against Cassandra Geigger. On June of the same year, Ali went up against Erin Toughill. The fight led her to win the World Boxing Council title at the same time she defended her WIBA title. Her fight with Toughill is considered as one of the most violent fights in female boxing. Later that same year, Ali went up against and defeated Asa Sandell in a fight that ended in a controversial decision.

In 2006, Ali planned to go up against Ann Wolfe, the fight never came to be. On November of that year, she went up against Shelley Burton; she won by way of TKO. Till today, Ali maintains her record of zero losses.

Outside of professional boxing, Ali also participated in several TV Reality Shows. She was a contestant in Dancing With the Stars and in American Gladiators, where she serves as the female host. She is also a contributing correspondent for CBS’ The Early Show. She also hosts the reality show The N’s Student Body and she has also appeared in an episode of the Children’s show Yo Gabba Gabba.

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