Birth date 13 Jan 1974 (44 years)
Nationality United States United States

Mary Jo Sanders is known to be a gifted athlete. She not only excels in Boxing, she was also known to be great in other sports such as basketball, bodybuilding, gymnastics, combat sports and more. However, Boxing is where Mary Jo Sanders became widely popular. She does not only throw quick and aggressive punches, she also manages to knock her opponents down and she has kept a great record of wins through technical knockouts.

Mary Jo Sanders first appeared in the professional world of Boxing on February 7, 2003. The reason for Sanders professional debut in boxing was because no other amateur woman boxer would dare go into the ring and fight her. With her manager’s help, they decided to enter into professional boxing and Mary Jo has not regretted her decision since.

Mary Jo Sanders is an orthodox boxer standing at 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Mary Jo is known for her hand speed, power and aggressive boxing style when on the ring fighting her opponents. In fact, it is because of this fighting style that Mary Jo manages to knock her opponents down in just a few rounds in the game. In her first professional fight against Willicia Moorehead, she won by TKO. Mary Jo was so impressive during her first professional year in boxing that she was awarded the “Top Rookie of the Year” by WBAN.

In 2004, having only had 7 professional fights, Mary Jo Sanders took on the world champion Layla McCarter. Everyone present at the fight was shocked by what they saw. Mary Jo Sanders emerged victorious after the fight and was named the new Junior Welterweight champion in women’s boxing.

The professional world of boxing recognized Mary Jo’s achievements once again and in 2005 she was named the Female Fighter of the Year by Ring Magazine. Mary Jo has won world titles including IBA Continental Junior Welterweight Champion, IBA Continental Welterweight Champion and WBC Welterweight World Champion. She has had a total of 26 fights and has won 25 of them with 8 through knockouts. Her first loss was to fellow great female boxer, Holly Holm.