Birth date 19 Oct 1978 (40 years)
Nationality Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
Nickname White Tyson

Ruslan Chagaev is an Uzbekistani professional boxer in the Heavyweight division. He was born on October 19, 1978 in Adijan, Soviet Union. He is nicknamed “White Tyson” and fights with a Southpaw stance.

As an amateur, Chagaev was a world amateur champion twice. He defeated the Felix Savon, a legendary Cuban boxer, in order to capture the 1997 World Championships gold medal. However, his crow was taken away from him because he had two professional fights before the championships began. He was reinstated as an amateur the next year when the so-called professional fights were declared as exhibitions. All in all, Chagaev won 82 fights in a total of 85 as an amateur.

Chagaev turned pro in 1997, but he only had two fights during that year. He started his regular fighting only in 2001. Since turning pro, Chagaev so far has been undefeated. His only flaw in his record was a fight in October 5, 2002 against Rob Calloway. The fight ended due to a wound Calloway had which was a caused by head butt. A Technical Draw was called since the bout ended by technical foul.

Chagaev is known to be the only foreign fighter who was able to defeat Savon twice during international competitions. The first of these defeats was when Chagaev was still 19 (1997), and then again in 1999 at the international boxing cup finals held at Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Savon was able to make a comeback against Chagaev by defeating him in the 1999 World Championships.

Since the start of his professional career, Chagaev has a total number of 25 fights. From these, he has 24 wins – 17 by knockout – and only 1 draw.