Known as the King Arthur of today, Avetik Abrhamyan is the current World Champion of the International Boxing Federation Middleweight Category. Trained by Ulli Wegner, Abraham is a German professional boxer from Berlin.

The 28-year-old boxer with an Orthodox stance, was born in Yerevan, Armenia on February 20, 1980. As an amateur he earned the title of International German Master Middleweight in 1997. In 2004 he earned the WBA Inter-Continental Middleweight Title with three successful defenses. The next year he became the seven time title carrier of the IBF.

Born 20 Feb 1980
Nationality Germany Germany
Nickname King Arthur

Arthur Abraham, who was also a Sauerland-promoted, bested contender Howard Eastman, Ian Gardner, and Hector Velazco in the build-up. He achieved the vacant title by a fifth round knock-out against Kingsley Ikeke on December 10, 2005 at Leipzig, Germany.

In 2006, Arthur won the battle against Edison Miranda, who was then the undefeated contender by a decision. It was a dramatic scene since Abraham suffered a broken jaw yet Miranda was deducted by five points. Abraham also defeated Sébastien Demers, a Canadian boxer and Khoren Gevor, from Armenia, by a technical knockout in the eleventh round. He successfully defended his title for the fifth time.

In 2007, Abraham once again defended his title by a Technical Knockout in the fifth round against Wayne Elcock. His two matches became a full entertainment when the Scorpions gave their live performances during the competitions.

Abraham has been equally successful in 2008 when he defeated American boxer Elvin Ayala by a Knockout in the 12th round in March 29. For the seventh time “King Arthur” was able to defend his title. He also defeated Edison Miranda in June 21 by a Knockout in the 4th round.

Currently Abraham has a record of 33 fights fought, winning 31 of these fights (25 via knockout) but has 2 losses to his name.

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