Chad Dawson

Born Jul 13, 1982
Nationality United States United States
Nickname Bad

Chad Dawson is one of the many boxers who were born to a boxing family. Chad’s father, Rick Dawson, was a former boxer himself. Chad has a budding career in professional boxing after only entering the professional division in 2001. Chad Dawson started as a middleweight boxer but then moved up to another division, super middleweight. His most notable opponents in this division were Carl Daniels and Ian Gardner.

His most impressive performance came after being suspended from the sports for 6 months after failing the post-fight drug test for Marijuana in 2004. Chad Dawson stated that it was this experience that motivated him to perform even better as a light heavyweight boxer. He was able to win 14 consecutive fights.

In the year 2006, Dawson found himself face to face with Eric Harding. It was a fight to determine who would become the new NABF light heavyweight champion. It was an unexpected battle for Dawson was knocked-out fleetingly in the first round. However, Dawson came back and was able to dominate the rest of the rounds making him the new NABF light heavyweight champion.

At the young age of 24, Dawson won yet another championship title against an undefeated WBC light heavy weight champion, Tomasz Adamek. By unanimous decision, the judges proclaimed Chad Dawson the new WBC light heavy weight champion at the end of the night. On June 2007, Dawson found himself defending the WBC championship title for the first time against Jesus Ruiz. On September 2007 and April 2008, Dawson defended his title for the second and third time against Epifanio Mendoza and Glen Johnson respectively.

Although Dawson boasted of a previously record, he now has 31 wins with 18 knockouts, 1 loss and 1 no contests.

Recently, Dawson went to win the WBC Light Heavyweight title against Bernard Hopkins. His victory came after Hopkins was declared unable to continue after being thrown down.

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