Kelly Pavlik

Born Apr 5, 1982
Nationality United States United States
Nickname The Ghost

Kelly Robert Pavlik, also known as “The Ghost”, is a highly successful American professional boxer. Born in April 5, 1982, Pavlik grew up in the traditional ethnic neighborhood of Lansingville, on Youngstown’s south side. He focused on his studies, graduating from Lowellville High School and went on to graduating at Mahoning County Joint Vocational School in the year 2000. After finishing his education, Pavlik immediately focused on training for boxing. His trainer, Jack Loew of Youngstown’s South Side Boxing Gym, helped train him all throughout his boxing career. Pavlik had a great start in his boxing career, defeating Eric Benito Tzand via 3rd round TKO on June 16, 2000. He was pretty much red hot ever since, knocking out opponents in almost all of his matches.

What propelled Kelly Pavlik to where he is now was his much anticipated face-off with then-Middleweight Champion Jermain Taylor. Their first fight, held on September 29, 2007, saw the fall of Jermain Taylor and the rise of Kelly Pavlik. Pavlik defeated Taylor with a 7th round TKO, gaining both WBC and WBO Middleweight Titles, and becoming the Undisputed Middleweight Champion. The two boxers would meet again in an inevitable rematch. In February 16, 2008, Pavlik won via unanimous decision against Taylor further proving why he is made to win championship gold.

Pavlik previously had an undefeated professional record, but has now garnered 36 wins with 32 Kos, and 2 losses. He used to own the WBO and WBC middleweight titles, but lost both of these to Sergio Martinez in April 2010.

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